The Artists

Ralph Skrimshire

Sheffield-based artist Ralph Skrimshire has been working alongside his colleagues at Handspring Design since 2001 to design and hand-make sculptural shelters, seating and structures for parks, schools, hospitals and city centres. Sustainability is at the heart of the team’s work running a creative, practical and craft-based enterprise. When designing their pieces, the team primarily uses renewable materials, such as UK FSC sourced Oak and Douglas Fir, and minimises the use of concrete and other non-renewable materials.

Another Sheffield-based artist, Juliet Forrest, will work in close cooperation with Handspring Design on this project and specialises in traditional kiln-fired glass painting. Juliet draws inspiration from her varied interests, including nature, science, biology and gardening. Most of her work is commission-based, meaning she can tailor her proposed designs to each situation.

Juliet Forrest

Mike Preston

Leicester-based photographer Mike Preston works with a variety of local organisations to bring art to a wider audience. He has worked closely with local communities to help them shape their future neighbourhoods. He has also worked on numerous school projects to help connect artists with teachers, young people and other members of the community.